A Sleepless Night

In the fall of 2008, the year our family moved to Tennessee, I had the worst bronchitis infection ever! I actually had never had any kind bronchial  issues up to that point, so I really wasn’t sure what was going on. Now if you know me well enough, I will not go to a doctor unless it is absolutely unavoidable. And this was such a case, but I went to my chiropractor because I was convinced I had put a rib out and that was why I couldn’t breathe, after all we lived on a farm, had been working hard, and that explanation made sense to me.

I woke up one night wheezing and could barely breathe, as the day progressed, it got worse. The more my body got stressed the LESS I could breathe. I started to panicked, which made the situation worse.  At that point I wasn’t sure what was wrong so I was using essential oils, inhaling them and diffusing them. I made an appointment to see our chiropractor. As he examined me, he assured me there was no rib out of place but I sounded like I had a bronchial infection. He encouraged me to keep doing what I was doing with my essential oils.

I didn’t know what bronchitis was, so I went home and researched it. I just knew I didn’t want to take antibiotic or any other prescribed medication. So if your like me and don’t know what it is: bronchitis is the inflammation of the airways of the lungs. Most times it can be treated at home. Chronic bronchitis, it more severe and might not be treated at home.  Once I knew what I had, I dug into my handy dandy herbal and nutrition books.


In my book Herbal Remedies For Dummies book I found a recipe called Onion Cough Poultice. I still use this recipe 8  years later.image


This recipe smells so good while cooking it up, you almost feel like you should be eating it! I do rub on peppermint essential oil on my chest first before following steps 4 & 5. Within that first 1/2 hour, you can feel the mucus break up, and breathing becoming easier.

I still on occasion get these infections, not only are they not as frequent (I could count on it each fall the first few years), but they also don’t hang around for the normal 2-3 weeks. Just a few days. And yes, it almost always starts with a sleepless night of coughing and wheezing!  I can truly say that thanks to my quality supplements, especially our probiotic, my immune system in much stronger and these sicknesses come and go more quickly and I can get back to sleeping well and be productive during the day.


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Do You Love Your Hubby?

‚ÄčMy friend Lori shares this from her heart.  

Do you Love your hubby?

I think most people know my husband of 25 years has a health condition that involves blood sugar and he had been dramatically helped in ways that improved his life big time. A huge part of why I am so passionate about helping others and have rock solid belief in our products. Love the science of them and I happen to know that science pretty darn well ūüėČ 

You see, blood sugar is connected to all aspects of even a super fit persons health. That is why this particular health issue involves higher rates of everything bad. We are not just about weight issues and illness. 

What you might not know is my son in laws father has the exact same diagnosis my hubby has. We share grandchildren and we both love our husbands.  This is a manageable issue but still one that has to be carefully taken care of. Serious consequences if you don’t. 

Rachel Stoll and I have the common bond of wanting to keep our families as healthy as can be.  Saw her post this today  and it reminded me generally women tend to be the caretakers of their tribes health. I know I sure am. Would not trade that “job” for anything though. 

“Tim Stolll has had blood sugar issues for 16 years.(not allowed to say the name of his condition) Along with it he developed toe fungus, elbow pain and nerve sensitivity in his thumb. 
He’s been taking Triplex 2 years.

His blood sugar levels are very good and no more toe fungus or elbow pain or sensitivity in his thumb! ( Its a good thing he has me to remind him to take it though. haha)”

Happy New Year!!

Well here we are again. At the beginning of a new year. And like so many people we are looking at our goals/resolutions. Did you know the top ten resolutions folks make are the following:

  • Spend more time with family
  • Eat healthy food
  • Exercise regularly, get fit
  • Lose weight
  • Quit smoking
  • Manage debt & save more money
  • Drinking less alcohol
  • Manage stress and enjoy life
  • Volunteer to help others

Maybe you have all or some of this on your resolution lists. I do. What if I told you that you I work for a health and wellness company that can help you with all of these?

Plexus has a natural, plant based product line that addresses the core issues that so many of us struggle with and make weight loss almost impossible (if that is what you are looking for). What is your core? What does it mean to get at the root of the problem? That means addressing inflammation, having balanced blood sugar, and addressing your gut bacteria (did you know 80% of your immune system is in your gut?). So many of our allergies and addictions whether food or other wise, within the gut and work their way outward. Showing up at rashes, eczema, psoriasis,etc. When these core areas are taken care of, your body will heal itself as God intended it too.

So that addressed the health part, now what about–spend more time with family and manage debt & save more money part? Plexus offers an amazing compensation plan that allows both husband and wife to benefit in this business. Not only that it is designed that you can make money from day one!! I love that not only am I helping restore people’s health but also am helping them find financial freedom!
This business has opened up so many opportunities for my family and I am excited help you get started in your own home-based business that is changing thousands and thousands of lives. We have the right products and the right time to HELP you be successful in reaching your goals in 2016!

Don't mean to bug you but have you heard about Plexus Slim

What’s For Dinner? Going Back To Using The Crockpot

Recently our lives have picked up a CRAZY fast pace and I have run into the, “what’s for dinner?” dilemma.¬† Alot. Almost 2 years ago we opened up a brick and mortar store in town,¬† and I am usually not home all day and dinner is the last thing on my mind. Meals anytime of the day can be a challenge, but dinner time is especially important, to me anyways. I always feel that after my hubby (Dale), myself and our kiddos need to end the day around the table with a good warm meal. That, however, is the challenge at the moment–warm meal and around the table. But what about you? Do you have those days where not only are you racing home from work, but you gotta feed everyone before heading out to ball practice/game or other school activities, maybe even meetings? It got me to thinking lately that I need to get back to using my handy-dandy Crock-pot! I am not sure why I stopped using it so much in the first place! I picked up the Fix it And Forget It books several years ago and loved the recipes that I found and it inspired me to make my own as well. Why drag out the crock-pot or crock-pots ?

  • Makes less heat in your kitchen than turning on that stove
  • Save money on making home cooked meals, healthier food
  • Make so much more than a roast and veges and soups
  • Make your breakfast meals
  • Make a complete meal (main dish, side dishes, and dessert)

So lets explore some of these reasons stated above: I don’t know if you noticed, but when you want to cook up a delish meal and you get the stove top going and the oven, you suddenly realize it is like…..10000000000 degrees in the kitchen alone!! Yeah? You know what I mean, right?! ¬†The Crock-pot¬† cooks at an approximate temperature of 215 degrees. ¬†So it makes very little heat, and considering it is summer, we don’t want more heat! If you take a little time to plan out your meals on the busiest days, you can “wow” your family with how you “pulled that meal together out of no where”. ¬†Having all your ingredients on hand and placing them into your crock-pot early in the morning is beyond simple AND YOU WILL FEEL SO ACCOMPLISHED before you even set foot out the door! ¬†If you are one of those freezer meals mamas (where you have frozen your crockpot meals ahead) I envy you as I write this! ¬†All you guys have to do, is pull your complete meal from the freezer and put it in the crock-pot and TA-DA! ¬†In today’s world when we are busy and are running short on time, we all know how easy it is to stop off at a fast food restaurant to grab a bite, which is going to cause long term affects if you do it once in a while but to do it every day….well that’s not good. Not only is that option costly but it is also DANGEROUS to your health in the long term. Most fast food restaurants have foods that are heavy laden with preservatives and GMOs which your body says, “Please don’t feed me that. I can’t digest junk!” Being in control of what you feed your family will not only make you feel good, but you will save you TONS of money (just take a moment to figure up the cost in a months time, go ahead…..I will wait) Crazy, isn’t it?! There¬† are so many options to put into your crock-pot! Not only do books like Fix It and Forget It have great recipes but check out Pinterest and blogs! Tons on there! Most of your favorite recipes can be altered for the crock pot too, usually by adding more of your liquids. image You will be amazed, as I was, on how many different things you can make like: baked potatoes for a baked potato bar, lasagna, breads, desserts like Chocolate Pudding Cake…..delish! .;..I have even put a breakfast meal in the crock-pot before bed and in the morning it is warm and ready to go! These are great winter breakfast options. My personal favorites are Baked Oatmeal and 7-Grain Cereal, add a little cinnamon and a jar of canned apples…..Yum! What a great way to start the day! If you have several crock-pots, as I do, then you can make your main meal in one or two and you dessert in the other. I love coming home–when I do use my crock-pot–and only having maybe to cut up a salad to go with our dinner or just getting the table set. That makes for a stress-less day for sure! Hmmmm……..I have definitely inspired myself to GO BACK TO meal planning some crock-pot meals in our life and I hope you will too!

Sweet Zucchini Relish Recipe

If you have lots of zucchini on hand then try this! This is a favorite in our house and may be for yours too! This is a great relish to have on hand for egg salad, tuna salad, or chicken salad. And recently I found it is really good in pasta salad as well. It adds a touch of sweetness, hotness (from hot peppers), and tangy. Of course this is great on  your traditional relish foods, such as: hot dogs, hamburgers, brats, etc.

So on with the recipe:

Sweet Zucchini Relish

10 cups chopped fine zucchini, seeded. Do not peel.                                                                  3 sweet peppers, chopped fine

4 onions, chopped                                                                                                                                  1/2 hot pepper (or more), chopped

4 1/2 cup sugar                                                                                                                                        1 tsp nutmeg

1 1/2 tsp pepper                                                                                                                                      1 tsp turmeric

3 tsp cornstarch                                                                                                                                      1/4 cup salt

Mix zucchini peppers, onions, and hot peppers. Add 1/4 cup salt and let set overnite. Drain and rinse. Combine rest of ingredients with zucchini mixture. Bring to boil, stirring constantly.  Pour into hot, clean jars and seal. Invert on counter for 24 hours.

Note: There is a rule that says zuc for cuc, cuc for zuc. If you have an abundance of cucumbers and no zucchini, use cucumbers. That goes for any recipe you have. Just remember the rule. Enjoy!


A Little Something About Eggs

When we moved here to Tennessee almost 6 years ago, I noticed that our friends who were completely off the grid had their eggs on the counter. I knew that they did not have a traditional fridge. Their fridge was the spring across the field. So I asked, “So how do you keep your eggs fresh?”. My friend just looked at me and chuckled, “how do you think the old timers did it?”. Well there was something to ask yourself. I was so used to having a fridge that I did not think about the fact that long ago there was no fridge and the people had fresh eggs!

My friend explained that as long as fresh eggs came in and you did not clean them with anything they would last for a while just on the counter.There is a clear membrane over the egg shell and as long as it not disturbed, the eggs will keep.  Well that is what we have done ever since! When our youngest son collects eggs, he brings them in and places them in our egg basket (made by a local young lady) . There the eggs stay till we use them. Now if we have some that come in that are really pooped on, we clean that one up and plan to use it promptly.   If you do have to clean them use apple cider vinegar so that it helps preserve the outer part of the egg a little longer. If you use just water, you will expose the egg by removing the membrane and therefore it will spoil quicker.

imageLovely basket made by Allie– on a side note, we can get a full 2 dozen eggs in this basket because of the design! And have definitely had 2 dozen eggs in this little basket!

Our Favorite Homemade Pasta/Pizza Sauce Recipe

I am a little late with this recipe, but thought I would post it anyways. Maybe you can use for next year’s harvest. I have been using this recipe probably 15 years. We have tried other recipes over the years but always come back to this one.


You will need 1/2 bushel tomatoes or 2 gallons of tomato juice. Wash and cut out stems and spots if using fresh tomatoes. Cut up into 1/4 ” pieces. Cook for 3 hours. Strain, if using juice skip straining. Next you will add: (pictured above-is my strained tomato juice and green peppers) 3 chopped green peppers,


There are some great recipes for homemade taco seasoning mixes and I would recommend that you use that if you have it on hand, I didn’t and was short on time, so we just used 2 packages from the store. This adds a little spice to the sauce.


3 Tbsp oregano. We have have ground oregano..and will have till the cows come home! So we use a lot less just because it is ground.


Add 1/2 cup salt


1 bunch of celery


1 1/2 cups sugar–raw sugar is pictured, not pictured but also important is: 10 small or 5 large onions and 2 cups oil. After you add all the additional ingredients to your tomato juice, you cook for another hour.¬† Half hour before done cooking add 2 cups clear jell/therm a-flo. Note: if you are experienced with arrowroot and know what your are doing with that you could use that instead of the clear jell. The clear jell/therm a-flo is used as a thickener, it cans and freezes well.

Pictured below is my 2 cups therm a-flo.  The way that you mix this before you add to your cooking sauce is to add enough water to the power to make the consistency of milk. It should be easy  to pour into your cooking mixture.



Being careful not to get burned, pour the clear jell/therm a-flo into the cooking mixture. Stir very well. It will thicken up pretty quickly but keep stirring to prevent it from burning to the bottom of your pot.¬† At this time you will add 4–12oz tomato paste¬† and bring it all to a boil.¬† Pour into your jars and seal. Hot water bath for 15 mins.

image So here is the recipe again:

Pizza Sauce

1/2 bushel tomatoes¬† or 2 gallons of tomato juice. If you using fresh tomatoes, wash and cut out stems and spots. Cut into 1/4″ pieces. Cook for 3 hours. Strain-if using juice skip straining.


3 chopped green peppers                                                              10 small or 5 large onions

1 bunch celery                                                                                    2 cups oil

3 TBSP oregano                                                                                  1 1/2 cups sugar

1/2 cup salt                                                                                          2 pkgs taco seasoning

Cook for another hour. Half hour before done cooking add 2 cups clear jell/therm a flo mixed with water. Mix well. Add 4–12oz tomato paste and bring to a boil. Pour into jars and seal. Hot water bath for 15 minutes.

Killer Red Wasps‚ÄĒOk..Not Really, But‚Ķ‚Ķ

I was familiar with regular normal sized wasps in Florida. They hurt when they stung you but it was not too terrible. When we moved to Tennessee though, it didn’t take me long to respect the BIG RED WASPS! If you ever have been stung by these guys….it hurts like nobody’s business! I had one stuck up my sleeve that first year we lived here and it stung me 3 times! If only it could understand I wanted it out just as bad as it wanted out!

That experience left me to run for cover if I spotted a red wasp. I swat, run, dodge, whatever to get away! When the weather starts to warm up after winter, these wasps come out and are everywhere. I go out too, to the hardware to by wasp spray.

Recently though, I was remembering a friend telling me that the red wasps were good for the garden. Especially if you garden organically. I asked a few of our gardening friends if they remember such information being passed on to me, and they didn’t remember. So I decided I better check it out. Sure enough the (polistes-carolina) red paper wasps (the nests they build) and other polistes wasps  are very beneficial to the garden.

As I was out picking cucumbers and looking over our green peppers, I noticed a green horn worm covered in white little cocoons. So I broke off the leaf and carried inside.

Green horn worm with wasp cocoons

Now we know the green horn worm is no good for tomato plants, peppers and such, so I was curious what the cocoons were about. I discovered that another paper wasp not the red ones, lay their eggs on the inside of the green horn worn. When the eggs hatch, they feast on the worm, eating everything except the major organs. They have a living food source! Then the larva bores little holes to the outside and make their cocoons on the outside of the worm. Once they come out of their cocoons they start the process all over again. ¬†Cool, huh? So don‚Äôt kill the horn worm with the cocoons! I didn‚Äôt know all this valuable information, I figured our chickens needed a snack and fed the worm with all those precious cocoons¬† to them! ¬†The red wasps do similar to worms and other bad insects in the garden. Now do we need a crazy amount of red wasps or any other wasps? I agree with my husband and say, ‚ÄúNO WAY‚ÄĚ! But I don‚Äôt want to kill my organic method of worm control either. If the population gets out of control, I suppose we will have to do something. So for now I will give them some space and respect, and hopefully they will just let me make my wild dashes into the house.

Tomato Vegetable Juice


Tomato vegetable juice is great alone or to add to a favorite dish to add extra flavor. If you like Campbell’s V-8 juice, you will love this! No extra anything just pure juice!

We cleaned and quartered 25 # of tomatoes. I squished the first 2 inches by hand to create juice at the bottom to prevent the tomatoes from burning. Then I added: 3 med onions, 2 med carrots-peeled, 3 stalks celery,¬† 2 med beets-peeled, 2 green peppers, cored (opt) and 3 TBSP salt. I added a habanero pepper to our juice because we like the “kick”. ūüôā

Cook till soft.

imageAfter the vegetables are soft, place through a Victorio Strainer or other strainer you have on hand. This strainer separates the peels, seeds, etc from the pulp and juice.


Working together. I realized that I didn’t have a big enough container for all the juice.


Baesha filling the jars.


Me, adding the salt to each jar. I forgot to add the salt during cooking, but I think I would add extra to the jar because it is not enough. Ratio: 1 tsp for quart jars 1/2 for pints


Hot water bath for 35 minutes.

Tomato Soup–Comfort Food


Nothing tastes as good as a bowl of hot tomato soup with a grilled sandwich! How about a bowl of HOMEMADE tomato soup? Oh yes! Now I haven’t made this for about 2-3 years but decided it was time to do it again because come winter time we eat a lot of chili soup and we go through plenty of tomato soup in the process. And hey, if you have the tomatoes you might as well use them for such things, right?

First we measured  out a peck of tomatoes (aprox 26 1/2 #)  and  then we washed and quartered them. I mashed them with my hands in the pot to create juice because I do not want to add water.


Next we added 1 bunch of  celery, 1 green pepper, 6 med. onions

We cooked it down till everything was soft


Now this is where I would do differently next time–made notes in on my recipe so I won’t forget–run it through my Victorio Strainer. Below is pictured that we did it in the blender like my recipe states. Not a good idea unless you don’t mind “bits” in your soup. I don’t, but my kiddos have a different take on it if they are just eating soup. I did a little at a time on the puree cycle till it was all done.


Place everything back into the kettle and bring to a low boil. Add 1/4 cup salt and 1 cup sugar. Stir to melt.

Next you make a thickening to add to the soup. Melt 1/2 cup butter add 1 cup flour. Stir till well blended. Then add water, little at a time, till you have a runny but slightly thick consistency.

Mine was a little to runny. Pour into you tomato soup and stir

Let cook for a few minutes longer. Stir.

Place in your prepared canning jars  and seal. Hot water bath for 15 minutes.

To make soup: open jar and add desired amount of milk and heat. Enjoy!